Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes – We are a licensed home improvement contractor in Pennsylvania and are insured with $2M of general liability coverage and workers compensation insurance for our workers. 

Estimates are typically scheduled within 1-3 days of request. Estimates are typically sent out the same day, or within 24 hours for larger projects. 

Estimates are typically scheduled Monday through Friday, 8am -4pm. Additional times may be available upon request. 

Newly confirmed projects typically start within 1-3 weeks, depending scheduling flexibility and the time of year. Spring and Summer can be a busier times of year, so please schedule estimates in advance.

We try to complete most repair and painting projects within a week. Some large projects may take 2-3 weeks to complete. If a job is time sensitive, a larger crew can be scheduled to complete the project sooner. 

We do not provide estimates by square footage back can discuss ballpark pricing over the phone if needed.  

Most common rooms range from $500 -1,000 plus materials depending on the size of room, amount of prep work required and amount of painting. 

Patch and Paint Pros guarantees its work for 2 years. 

Let us know right away if you see anything that needs to be touched up. We stand by our work and will send a crew out right away to make things right. 

No – We are not bonded, but can obtain coverage upon request. 


Yes – The cost of premium paint from Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore is included. Other paint brands may be used upon request. There may be additional costs for ultra premium brands like Fine Paints of Europe. 

We’ll purchase and pick it up.Just let us know the paint brand, color and finish.

Repair of small holes and shallow wall defects is included. Repair of larger defects, cracks, and drywall installation will be written out under the Repairs section of the estimate.

For doors, only the side of the door facing into the room is included, unless noted otherwise. 

One color ceiling and trim paint is included. The estimate includes only one wall color per room, unless accent walls are listed. 

It is best to have colors picked out a week in advance of the projects.

Typical work day starts by 7 or 8 am and finishes up by 3 or 4 pm. 

We’ll handle moving the furniture and big stuff. We would greatly appreciate it if you could put away all smaller items and take down wall decorations. Time Saver Discounts available for having all rooms emptied and/or completely setup for painting. 

Please let us know if you’d like to keep curtains, blinds and wall decorations in the same place or we can remove the screws and nails to patch over any holes.


New Colors: All repaired areas will be primed prior to painting. After priming, 2 coats of paint will be used to ensure a high quality even finish that will last for years. 

Same Color & Sheen: When freshening up the same color and sheen, a single coat of high quality paint may be used to restore the original color and finish.

We prefer to use Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore brand paint. If a color from a different manufacturer is preferred, it can be matched or we can use that brand.

Almost all ceilings are painted with a stock white ceiling paint that has a flat finish. Our preferred brand is Sherwin-Williams Promar Ceiling paint as it provides great coverage and touches up well if needed. NOTE:  A matte or satin finish may be needed in bathrooms that do not have a fan to remove moisture.

Walls in living areas are typically painted in a flat or matte finish. Our preferred wall paint is Emerald premium paint from Sherwin-Williams. Kitchens and bathrooms walls may require a matte or satin finish that is more stain and moisture resistant.

Almost all interior doors, windows and other trim is painted with a semigloss finish. Semigloss has sheen (shine) that makes it easy to clean and holds up best in areas that will be touched often like doors. 

Patch and Paint Pros Preferred Paints

Eggshell and Satin are somewhat interchangeable “mid-sheens” depending on which brand you use. Satin paint Sherwin-Williams has a little more shine (gloss) than the Eggshell.

Satin finish can also be used if you really like shiny walls. But, satin paint should really only be used in areas that may get dirty often and bathrooms as it is more stain resistant and cleanable than a matte or flat finish.

Yes – Additional repair work may be required when painting the walls with a satin finish as it can highlight minor imperfections and uneveness of ceilings and walls.

The ceilings should be flat throughout most of the house. Some say satin or semi-gloss for bathrooms, but this is not necessary.

Simple answer….Yes it can, but it should not be painted over.

Detailed Answer – Wallpaper is tricky situation.  Once wallpaper has already been painted over, go ahead and paint it. But note, the wallpaper will eventually fail some day and cause future removal to be much more difficult. 

NOTE: A reason wallpaper may peel in the future is when there is a moisture issue from inside the walls or ceiling. If that is the case, it may be time to call roofer or plumber.

  • Painted – If the wallpaper has already been painted, the damage has been done. We can skim the lines and repaint to make it look smooth. Should not have any issues unless there is a moisture issue from inside the wall. 
  • Unpainted – If the paper has not been painted over, it is best to just remove it. The process of skimming every seam, oil priming and then painting over takes almost as much time as just removing the non-painted wallpaper.
  • Closets – This is the one space of the house, that should not be a deal breaker for a potential buyer. This future project could likely be passed on to the next buyer. Who knows, they may even like the “character” it adds to the house. 


Yes – We have an experienced crew of water damage repair contractors who are ready to repair any damage you may have from plumbing or roof leaks. 

Yes – Patch and Paint Pros is your go to water damage repair company for installing new drywall ceilings..

Yes – We can install new framing, insulation, doors and trim (door frames, baseboards…etc)

Yes – We can repair any type of drywall or plaster – ceilings and walls. We can also replace old wood paneling and tile ceilings with new drywall. 

No – Sorry, we are not a certified mold remediation company. If in the greater Conshohocken area, please reach out to Pro Home Restoration or Drytech Remediation. 

Top 3 causes of ceiling water damage:

  1. A leak from the bathroom plumbing above. 
  2. A leak from the roof or window above. 
  3. The ceiling was not painted properly. 

No – Sorry we are not a water remediation company, but are happy to come out and provide an estimate for the restoration. 

Yes – We can replace wall or ceiling insulation with fiberglass, rigid foam or Roxul mineral insulation. 

No – We do not apply spray foam insulation. Reach out to USA Insulation in Conshohocken. 

No – We do not fix active leaks. Please reach out to a plumber or roofer to fix the issue before requesting an estimate. 

If a water stain is present or the paint has begun to peel, use a pencil to outline the edge of the stain or peeling area. If the stain or damage grows beyond your pencil line, you likely have an ongoing problem. 

Failing stucco, cracked brick mortar and old window seals can be the likely cause of blistering or peeling paint on exterior walls of the house. Water damage on interior walls is likely from plumbing above or roof leaks.

The key to prevent peeling in a room with lots of moisture is priming and two coats of high quality paint. This insures waterproof barrier between the drywall and the moisture in the bathroom.


Yes – We can install new drywall. Typically jobs range from a small hole repair up to drywalling a full basement. 

We do not charge per sheet. Every room is given a detailed estimate outlining repair and paint pricing.

Small drywall repair only jobs fall under our 1 Day Patch and Paint pricing of $650. Discount available for local projects that are flexible with scheduling.

Yes – Our crews will cover all floors, furnitures and openings into adjacent rooms when doing drywall repairs and sanding. 

Yes – Upon request, our crews will use the Festool dustless sanding system with HEPA filters. 

Yes – Pets can be in the house during drywall repair and painting projects. But they need to be kept out of rooms that are being worked in or passed through regularly by the crew. 

Yes – We have a 1 day drywall repair minimum of $650 that includes a gallon of paint. Plaster repair and painting projects typically start around $1200, plus paint. (We do not charge by square footage.)

Yes – We remove wallpaper that has not been painted over. Please call if you have painted over wallpaper to discuss options. 

No – We do not install wallpaper. 


Yes – We can remove popcorn ceilings if the ceiling has not been painted. Once popcorn has been painted, it is more cost effective to drywall over the popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn ceilings can be scraped or drywall over for a new smooth ceiling in 2–3 days. Popcorn ceiling removal and painting would be 3-5 days typically depending on the size of the room.

Yes (ideally) – It is best to completely empty a room of furniture and belongings prior to starting the project. Popcorn ceiling removal, skimming and drywall skimming is a messy process that requires easy access to every square foot of the ceiling.

When required, we can move around larger furniture and keep them covered throughout the project. Please be aware that this slows down a project and may require additional charges.

Yes – Our crew will wear N95 respirators when sanding and removing popcorn ceilings.