Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Located in Conshohocken, PA.

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Storefront Painting

Commercial painting is an undertaking that requires special talents and gear. Being in charge of covering immense areas compared to a domestic residence makes it truly distinct. From the almost insurmountable scale, soaring ceilings, and towering concrete columns – down to searching for roof leaks – there are many variables you need to contemplate when contemplating commercial properties! That’s why Patch & Paint Pros offers seasoned professionals with years of expertise on this kind of job.

Painting a storefront is an excellent representation of how commercial painting can be tough. Painters must address the walls that face parking lots, which offer a unique challenge due to the light reflection they create and make it more difficult to spot any defects in your building’s exterior compared to other flat surfaces.

When you hire Patch and Paint Pros for all of your commercial painting needs, it is our priority to ensure that each job – big or small – is completed with the utmost care. Our expert Conshohocken-area painters provide stellar quality workmanship so that when people visit our lovely city, they will be met with a shining diamond! We understand how important it is to make sure every job shines and therefore take extra steps in ensuring this happens.

Office Painting 

Patch and Paint Pros is the top rated office painting company in the Philadelphia area!

Located in Conshohocken, PA – Patch and Paint Pros provides commercial painting services to the local Tri-County Area. Our team of experienced painters can have your office painted in no time at all.

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Yes – We are a licensed home improvement contractor in Pennsylvania and are insured with $2M of general liability coverage and workers compensation insurance for our workers. 

Estimates are typically scheduled within 1-3 days of request. Estimates are typically sent out the same day, or within 24 hours for larger projects. 

Estimates are typically scheduled Monday through Friday, 8am -4pm. Additional times may be available upon request. 

Newly confirmed projects typically start within 1-3 weeks, depending scheduling flexibility and the time of year. Spring and Summer can be a busier times of year, so please schedule estimates in advance.

We try to complete most repair and painting projects within a week. Some large projects may take 2-3 weeks to complete. If a job is time sensitive, a larger crew can be scheduled to complete the project sooner. 

We do not provide estimates by square footage back can discuss ballpark pricing over the phone if needed.  

Most common rooms range from $500 -1,000 plus materials depending on the size of room, amount of prep work required and amount of painting. 

Patch and Paint Pros guarantees its work for 2 years. 

Let us know right away if you see anything that needs to be touched up. We stand by our work and will send a crew out right away to make things right. 

No – We are not bonded, but can obtain coverage upon request.