Conshohocken PA, 19428

The Project:

The living room ceiling and walls of this Conshohocken home were severely water damaged by faulty plumbing when a newly installed washing machine overflowed.

This Conshohocken ceiling was damaged by water caused by faulty plumbing.

Water Damage

The excess water completely soaked through the drywall causing it to crumble and disintegrate. It is important to call a 24-hour water damage response team right away when water damage is seen. The damaged drywall should be removed and allowed to dry for a few days prior to any repairs.

Water damage remediation company conshohocken
Heaters and dryers airing out an apartment in Conshohocken PA after water damaged walls and ceiling.

Insulation & Drywall

Normally insulation is reserved exterior walls. This ceiling had insulation and a second layer of drywall installed to reduce the sound between floors.

drywall installation and painting conshohocken
Drywall installation, finishing and painting after water damaged the walls and ceiling.

Interior Painting

After that the ceiling and walls were sanded and painted. Lastly, the light was installed along with new, freshly painted baseboards.

Interior Painting Conshohocken
Drywall installation, finishing and painting after water damaged the walls and ceiling.

The Paint:

The walls were painted in a flat finish using Sherwin-Williams Antique White 6119 (SW6119). 

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Older homes tend to have insufficient insulation and easily carry sounds throughout a home. Adding a second layer of drywall along with extra insulation is a great way to reduce heating costs and noise levels. Please contact us to learn more about sound proofing your house.

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