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If you prefer to discuss the project with one of our experienced estimators, you can request an estimate through our regular estimate request form or call 484-483-3468.

Repair & Painting Projects

Licensed & Insured Painters

Patch and Paint Pros provides drywall, trim, and painting services for large and small size projects.

Our team of experienced painters is ready to paint a single bedroom or a full house, inside and out.

For larger projects, Patch and Paint can have a team of up to 10 painters on the project.

Small Projects

Most small drywall repair and painting projects require the better part of a day to complete properly. This is due to the number of steps: Setup, Drywall Install, 3 Coats of Spackle, Drying Time, Sanding, Priming, 2 Coats of Paint and Cleanup

Ceiling Repair Company

1-Day Minimum

Patch and Paint Pros has a 1-day minimum project size. 1-Day Patch & Paint projects start around $750 to cover costs for the estimate, experienced painters, and great customer service.

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