Hiring a Conshohocken Painting Company for a  Safe and Effective Lead Paint Removal

Hiring a Conshohocken Painting Company for a Safe and Effective Lead Paint Removal

Are you looking to hire a Conshohocken painting company for your home lead paint removal project? The process of removing lead-based paints safely and effectively is important to protect yourself, the environment, and the health of those living in your residence. Hiring a professional painter from Conshohocken who is experienced with effective lead paint removal […]

Minimizing Downtime with Hiring Office Painters in Conshohocken


Do you want to keep your business operations running smoothly and minimize downtime? When hiring office painters, Conshohocken PA is an excellent location to look for business owners who need to do some painting at their offices. Commercial painting services in Conshohocken boast experienced teams of professionals who can get the job done quickly, efficiently, […]

5 Tips from Expert Office Painters to Avoid Office Painting Pitfalls


Painting a commercial office space is a big job that can be difficult if you aren’t well-versed in the nuances of the trade. Professional painting services, however, know the tricks of the trade and can help guide you through the process, so that you end up with a final product you can be proud of. […]

So, You Have Water Damage. Now What?

ceiling water damage

Chances are, if you’ve found this page you’ve got an ugly water spot somewhere in your home. Who to Call for Water Damage Are you looking for who to call for water damage in a wall or ceiling? First, identify the source of the water damage to stop the leak (if possible). Then it’s time […]

Project: Ardmore Water Damage Repair

Water Damage in Wall Exterior

Water damage can be a home owner’s worst nightmare. At this home in Ardmore the Patch and Paint Pros tended to severely water damaged walls that had peeling and cracking paint.   Drywall & Interior Home Painting Services for Water Damage Repair & Wall Restoration Water damage occurs when excess water begins to collect in areas where […]

Easy Weekend Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value – Part 2

In part two of this two part blog series, we’ll share even more do it yourself tips and tricks that you will truly increase your home’s value on a budget. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint There is nothing that a fresh coat of paint cannot fix. Start off with the main rooms in the […]

Easy Weekend Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value – Part 1

In part one of this two part blog series we’ll give you some easy, affordable ideas for weekend projects that will increase the value of your home. Home renovations can be very costly. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars re-modeling your home and landscaping your garden. Top Real estate agents claims that […]

Easy Ways to Make a Small Room Look Larger

Not everyone has the luxury of space when it comes to owning a home. So if you happen to be living in a small one,  don’t be discouraged. There are many different and creative ways to make your living areas look larger and more luxurious even without having to spend lots of cash for renovation. In creating […]