Easy Weekend Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value – Part 2

In part two of this two part blog series, we’ll share even more do it yourself tips and tricks that you will truly increase your home’s value on a budget.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

There is nothing that a fresh coat of paint cannot fix. Start off with the main rooms in the house. Kitchen, master bedroom and the living room. This is probably one of the most inexpensive ways to brighten up your home. You can choose to do this yourself, but if you are seriously considering selling your home, it may be best to hire a professional as a poorly painted interior can subtract value.

Invest in Some Curb Appeal

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The first thing people see is the outside of your home. If you are looking for a quicker way to get more people interested in buying your home than best is to start with the exterior and yard. Spend an entire weekend on fixing things from the outside. Repaint or pressure wash the exterior,   put up a new street number that matches your home’s style, update your mailbox, or replace your shutters. You want people that pass by to be impressed by the way your home looks.

If your landscaping is not up to standard there is no need to hire a landscaper for the small things you can do yourself.  Take a good look around your yard, trim those trees, and cut that grass. You can even add a few pot plants here and there to give it an extra touch. Add a pot of flowers on your door step as well this will make your home even more inviting.

Do not forget to pick up things that are lying around in the yard, store tools away and get rid of things you do not need. If your front yard is neat and tidy you will immediately attract more buyers. This will make people want to come into your home and see if it is as beautiful inside as out.

Dress Your Home for Show

Now that you got everything covered it is time to really show off your home. For each room you need to invest in replacing some of the old stuff for the new.

Replace old shower curtains with new ones. Get rid of those old bath mats and purchase simple, yet elegant styled ones. Make sure that before you show of your house that you add fresh rolls of toilet paper this will help to make your bathroom seem more inviting.

Always have a set of towels in the same shade that matches your bath mat. Bathroom accessories should be put in a cabinet or neatly in place.

If your bedding is out-dated, ripped or torn, replace it with a new comforter that goes with your shade of paint that you used in the master bedroom. This will keep the focus. Also if you have curtains in your bedroom try and match them with your bedding.

Create the Impression of Extra Rooms

There are a lot of people that will pay a little extra for more room to breathe. You can add extra room by renovating your garage or basement that way there will be more space .Try and build in some extra shelving in these rooms or some cupboards for extra storage. Make sure there is great lighting to give reduce dark areas. Where possible, open the windows and allow the natural light to illuminate the room.

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Pinterest – Small Home Space Ideas

If you do not have a basement, try and create an outdoor space in the back yard. Add extra seating, maybe an inexpensive waterfall and a few pots and plants to make it feel homely. You can find great, gently used patio furniture on Craigslist.com.

We hope you enjoyed this blog series! Try them all and you will soon have buyers coming in and out wanting to purchase your home, who knew that increasing your home’s value can be so easy!

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