Children's Bedroom Paint Ideas That Will Grow with Them
Children’s Bedroom Paint Ideas That Will Grow with Them

Decorating a child’s bedroom can be both exciting and daunting. When selecting paint colors, it’s important to choose something that will grow with them as they age. The right color scheme should create an atmosphere conducive to sleep, play, learning, and creativity. Below are some tips to help you select children’s bedroom paint ideas that will last throughout their childhood years.

It’s always wise to start off by considering the basic principles of color theory. Warm colors evoke feelings of happiness and energy while cool colors tend to provide a more calming effect. Consider what type of mood you want for the room before settling on any particular hue or shade.

Also, keep in mind that certain shades may appear differently depending on lighting conditions so try out a few test swatches before committing to anything permanent.

Color Theory Basics

You would think that choosing the right paint for a kid’s bedroom should be easy. After all, kids love bright colors and parents want something that will last through their child’s growth spurts. But in reality, painting a room to keep up with your ever-changing child can be quite complex!

Color theory plays an important role in ensuring the perfect color palette is achieved without any hiccups along the way. Color psychology teaches us that certain shades evoke different emotions and feelings; red may make you feel passionate while blue might bring on calmness.

That said, it isn’t as simple as just picking out several colors and slapping them on walls – you must take into account how they interact with each other, too. Taking these two elements of color theory into consideration when selecting paints for a children’s bedroom can help create the perfect combination of style and function. From here, you can move forward in finding the best shade for your family’s needs.

Choosing The Right Shade

When it comes to gender-specific colors, parents need to decide if they want to go for traditional blue for boys and pink for girls, or if they want to choose more gender-neutral colors.

Neutral hues can be a great option for a children’s bedroom since they can easily be accessorized and still look stylish as the child grows up. And functional lighting is also something to consider – having the right lighting can make a huge difference in making a room look great, and it can also help create a cozy atmosphere.

Gender-Specific Colors

Selecting the right paint finish is also crucial in achieving the desired look for your child’s bedroom. High-gloss or semi-gloss finishes are easy to clean, making them great for areas that get a lot of wear and tear, such as trim or doors. However, for walls, a satin or eggshell finish can provide a subtle sheen that is both durable and washable, while still being gentle on the eyes.

By selecting the right paint finish and color for your child’s room, you can create a welcoming and functional space that they will love without having to break the bank. Plus, taking the time to choose the right paint can help cut costs in the long run by avoiding the need to repaint in the near future.

Neutral Hues

Moving on, if you want to go with a more neutral hue for your child’s bedroom, there are plenty of options available. From whites and beiges to tans and greys – they all offer the perfect backdrop for any room without being overbearing.

Plus, it’ll make decorating easier as their tastes change over time; adding accent pieces here or there can really bring out the color in an otherwise bland space! Ultimately, choosing the right shade is all about preference so pick something that works best for both you and your little one!

Functional Lighting

If you want to make sure the room is as functional as possible for your child, adding in some lighting can really help. Having a few lamps or ceiling lights around will provide just enough light without being too overwhelming.

Plus, it’ll give them control over how they’d like their space illuminated; depending on what activity they’re doing – reading, playing video games, etc. – they can adjust the brightness accordingly! With this in mind, be sure to consider how much light would work best before settling on a certain shade.

Opting For Neutral Colors

When it comes to painting a bedroom for children, shades can be chosen that will grow with them as they age. From light pastels to more vibrant colors, there are many options available that can fit any style or preference.

However, opting for neutral colors is often the best choice and helps create an environment that’s both timeless and calming. Neutral colors won’t overpower the space and allow for easier transitions when decorating in the future.

Neutral tones such as whites, grays, and taupes provide balance in a room while lending subtle warmth to any area. They also act as wonderful base colors for adding accent walls with bolder hues or wallpaper patterns down the road.

No matter what color palette you decide on, these timeless neutrals serve as reliable staples when designing a child’s bedroom — one that will evolve along with their taste over time. With this foundation set, you’re ready to explore adding personality through accent walls!

Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great way to add some personality to your child’s bedroom. They can be easily changed as they get older without costing you a fortune in new paint or wallpaper. You could choose something bold like stripes for a younger child, and then switch it up with polka dots or chevron patterns when they hit the teen years.

Here are some ideas for accent walls:

  • Paint:
  • Stripes
  • Contrasting colors
  • Polka dots
  • Wallpaper:
  • Floral prints
  • Geometric shapes
  • Chevron patterns

No matter what you decide on, an accent wall is sure to give your child’s room plenty of pizzazz! Before committing to any look though, make sure to test out paint swatches and see what works best for the space. This will help ensure that the final result has both style and functionality.

Testing Paint Swatches

Testing paint swatches is a great way to ensure you capture the perfect color for your child’s bedroom.

Before purchasing, it’s important to check out a few different shades and test them against the lighting in the room. Try painting small sections of wall or poster boards so that you can move them around as needed to see how they look at various points throughout the day.

If possible, have your child with you during this process – their opinion matters too! It’s also important to think ahead when picking out colors – while choosing bolder hues may be exciting now, will they still appeal once your little one grows up?

Tones that are dynamic yet neutral can help create an atmosphere that stands the test of time and works well no matter what age group your children are in. With careful consideration and planning, you’ll be able to find something both parents and kids love!


When deciding on the perfect paint for a child’s bedroom, it’s essential to consider what colors will grow with them.

With careful consideration of color theory basics, choosing the right shade, opting for neutral colors, adding accent walls, and testing out paint swatches – you can create a space that your growing kid will love every step of their journey.

Ultimately, take this as an opportunity to let your little one show off their personality and make it truly theirs – like a rainbow of possibilities!

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