The roof of this Conshohocken home was damaged during Hurricane Sandy. The high winds of the storm ripped some of the shingles off of the roof, allowing water to leak into several of the homeowner’s rooms. The water then settled into the ceiling and walls of the bedrooms, destroying the plaster and drywall.

Plaster Ceiling Repair and Painting

The Patch and Paint Pros were called into repair the damaged plaster ceilings. The water damaged plaster was removed and replaced with drywall. For limited budgets, only repairing part of the ceiling can help keep repair costs down.

Ceiling Repair Hint:

After having work done on a roof or siding, hold off on interior repairs. It’s best to wait for a heavy rain to inspect for any leaks. This ensures the drywall repairs do not have to be done twice.  Call if you have any further questions about water damage or ceiling repair.

Homeowner’s Hints:

Plaster walls have a limited lifetime. Over years it begins to sag and crack, eventually causing a major eye sore, Typically when a plaster ceiling has been damaged by water, it’s a good excuse to replace the entire ceiling before it becomes a serious issue in your home.
If you have plaster walls and need any plumbing or electrical work done, it’s a great ideal to replace the plaster and drywall at the same time. This will give the electricians and plumbers easy access to the plumbing and wiring, saving the contractors  a great deal of time on the project.

To further your savings, have your drywall contractor also install thicker insulation to increase your home efficiency and reduce monthly costs. This can be a huge saving on your monthly electric bill.

The Paint:

Do you have an unsightly water damaged ceiling or drywall?

As a local Conshohocken company, Patch and Paint Pros believes in providing a high quality ceiling repair and painting services at a reasonable price.

Ceiling Repair Contractor

Patch and Paint Pros is the only ceiling repair and painting company around. Their crew of experienced contractors specialize in fixing all sorts of ceiling damage.

Ceiling and Wall Repair Conshohocken

Water Damage Repair Services

Repair and Painting Reviews

I hired Ryan to do some patchwork repair I had some very old plaster ceiling that was chipping and cracking.  His guys came in patched and primed the ceiling in a few hours and did a great job.  They came prompt right when he said he would and left without leaving a trace.  Will use him again and recommend to my friends. Greg F, Villanova

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