Everyone is stuck at home looking for things to do, so why not paint a room?

Be careful, it can be more complicated than it sounds.

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That is why we decided to put out a quick tutorial on How to Paint a Room.

We hope this 5 Part Painting Guide will help you get your painting project completed faster.

Tips for Painting a Room

You’ve probably heard anyone can paint. That is true. But how long will it take?

There are a lot of steps in painting a room. Taking the right steps, in the right order, can make a big difference.

Here is our quick 5 Point Process for Painting a Room:

1. Supplies & Equipment

Prep a Room for Painting

2. Prep the Room for Painting

Proper setup can make the difference between getting a room painted quickly or the project turning into a never ending headache. Here are a few steps to follow when painting a room before opening the paint.

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3. Paint the Ceiling

First things first, get the ceiling painted. Painting the ceiling can be real shoulder work out if you are not used to painting. Here are a few tips for painting a ceiling:

4. Paint the Trim

A lot of other tutorials on “How to Paint a Room” recommend painting the ceiling and walls first. And you can paint the walls before the trim, but may be able to save some time the other way around.

When painting the trim first, you can overlap on to the walls. It is not easy painting those small edges of the wood work up against the walls. Think about it, the top of the baseboard is 1/4 inch thick. The edge of a door frame is less than an inch thick.

It will be much easier to take your time cutting in the walls than it is the trim. The paint also peels off semigloss much easier than the walls.

5. Paint the Walls

When considering how to paint a room fast, we believe painting the walls last gives you best chance at a quality finish. You can patch up the walls and give the ceiling time to dry thoroughly. Be sure to prime any patched areas with ceiling paint prior to painting the walls with the finish paint

NOTE – Do not tape over recently painted surfaces. The tape will peal off the paint if it has not had time to thoroughly dry.